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Railway Booking

We invite partners to become Authorized Indian Railway agents and join the world's largest rail network. We are distributors of TSI Yatra to provide Railway Agency to our agents/corporate agents. If you want to provide Railway ticket bookings to your customers with authorized railway agency, you can register with us and then start in a few days. Our team and the team at TSI Yatra takes care of fast installation on your system. Please note that Railway booking feature works only on a windows based computer.

Some benefits that you get with our Railway Agency -

  • Best service & support with TSI Yatra
  • Class 3 digital certificate and license for 2 years (unlike other providers who provide license for 1 year only)
  • Good commission with half of the total fees paid to the agent as commission
  • Quick refunds on cancellations
  • Installation within 7 working days
  • Railway tickets are booked directly on TSI Yatra website

We provide retailer-ship, corporate agent and invite distributors to expand our business in Railway Bookings. Please use buttons below to register/contact us for Railway services.